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Series 1: City of Beasts

Issue #1: Catch of the Day (Nov. 2014)

Homicide Detectives Ford and Talway are caught by surprise; six months later, detective John Ford arrives at Ten Eagle Lake to investigate a body found floating in the water.Note_To_Readers.html

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Issue #2: The Big Adios (Jan. 2015)

Detective John Ford returns home to find his wife Delia has packed her bags; Ford interviews Julian Brenner, the victim’s brother-in-law, who tells of a man with a sordid past.Issue_2_Cover.html
Issue #3: Dead as Dillinger (Feb. 2015)

John and Delia reflect on better times; Detective Ford catches up with Alice McCready, the murder victim’s ex-wife, who pulls no punches.Issue_3_Cover.html
Issue #4: Old Dominion (May 2015)

The murder victim’s autopsy reveals some clues as to the manner of death, but little towards a suspect; at home, Detective Ford receives a distressing note.Issue_4_Cover.html
Issue #5: Paid In Full (Oct. 2015)

Homicide welcomes a new detective; an abandoned car is found ditched in a creek, yielding new evidence and an unwelcome surprise.Issue_5_Cover.html
Issue #6: ...And All Points North (Jan. 2016)

Delia alerts John to the gravity of their marital situation; Detective Ford follows the chain of evidence to a railroad station, where he makes and astonishing find!Issue_6_Cover.html
Issue #7: The Wisdom of Zelda St. John (May 2016)

Detective Ford balks at news of an award; Mayor Wooten Keillor faces a formidable opponent; evidence analysis reveals a hidden gem; and a new partnership starts paying off.Issue_7_Cover.html